We’re Back

Join us Every Tuesday for After School Tech Club! Starting at 2:30 EDT every week

How does it work?

Evey student gets a free website to learn our loud and reflect on how we learn to learn online.

Then each week we have fun maker challenges to learn a bit of HTML like Build-a-Meme and Fake Facebook pages.

As students develop their skills they choose one of five pathways:

  • Podcasting
  • Web Design
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Coding

As students focus on a passion project to make themselves or the world better.

Who runs the Program?

Hopefully the campers and what they want to learn drive the program, but they have help. Dr. J. Gregory McVerry, Associate Fellow of Online Learning for Southern Connecticut State University, developed the curriculum. Dr. McVerry has written curriculum for Smarter Balanced, Amplify, Association of College and University Educators, Southern Connecitcut State Univerity’s Offlice of Online Learning and Mozilla. Most recently Dr. McVerry took a volunteer position on the Cybersecurity Maturation Model Accreditation Advisory Board Working Objectives and Assessment Working Group. Dr. McVerry helps to design the test that will ensure our Nation’s data stays safe.

The logistics and day to day of the camp get run by Library and Information Science Masters students completing their internships. This year Victoria will lead us as camp director.

Then we have an amazing group of pre-service teachers from Southern Connecticut State University who work as mentors in the breakout room. These student complete digital field placements supported by The Davis Foundation and the Yale Community Center.

What is the cost?

Totally free.

What do the kids say?

Tech for Teens has helped me feel better about Covid 19. This is because Tech for Teens has been a distraction from all the bad things happening right now. It has been one of the few good things that has came from Covid http://emmacoggins.tech-4-teens.club/

It helped me learn to code :). But it also kept me on my feet and moving when most people are getting mentally stagnant.https://frosti.carrd.co/

it helped me make my own website where i can help others and spread motivationhttp://shirlsie.tech-4-teens.club/

It kept me busy and made sure i wasnt boredhttp://kensonfenelon.tech-4-teens.club/