Welcome to Camp

Today’s Daily Writing Challenge: Choose a photo from here that best represents how you feel about camp.


Write your reflection below


Website Introductions

Have a website, a new post or feature to demo today? Welcome to the lightning rounds. Take two minutes and show off your site.

Who are you when you Graduate High School?


Every  social media platform has a profile page. This usually has a picture, a tagline, and maybe a few interests.


Get a piece of paper or a sticky note. If using a piece of paper draw a box that is 4X4.

Then make the social media profile of your future self. Some ideas:

-Draw your picture or icon

-Add six words to describe you

-List your hobbies



Tag-Tag Revolution and Make a meme


What is camp without some games….and who wants to make some funny memes?



Exit Challenge:

Take a photograph of your doorway to the world and add it to Google Docs.

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