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Yesterday we learned to hunt down openly licensed images and we made memes with HTML! We got to talk about the difference of figurative and literal language. Then we found images of our doorways onto the world.

Then it was meme making time. Using @Glitch we learned about some basic HTML elements and made some cool memes… Ready for more

Day 3

Today we will keep playing with Images and HTML

Intro Activity

Let’s do a plus/delta. In the Google Doc write down 2 things your teachers should keep and 1 thing they change about remote learning.

Brain Challenge

Find the fails. Look for gifs of your favorite fails and post them to the Google Doc

Website Intros

Does anyone have a new website or anything to cool to show off on their blogs?

Make a Movie Poster

We will continue to our exploration of HTML and make a movie poster about our passion. Here is the project.

Exit Challenge

Remix this Star Wars trailer on Glitch and tell a spoof story about remote learning in your school (or any story of rebels struggling in the face of oppression)

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