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Getting Started with Video

We Video Log in Information

Miss Jen’s Awesome Tutorial


Here are some examples of the three types of videos you could choose to make!

Explore the terms! 

Yesterday we discussed several terms used with videos. Here are examples of videos that match the terms for you to refer to if needed.

WeVideo and Misc Tutorials (if needed)

Plan (Started Tues. July 14) 

Make sure to plan out your video.

    1. Determine the type of video you want to make
      1. 120 second explanation
      2. In plain English
      3. Challenge Video
      4. Other
    2. What will this video be about? What is your topic? (Some examples I heard were; how to draw, a skateboarding technique, story of a specific athlete, imagination of future self…. any topic that interests you!!!!)
    3. Storyboard your idea (your notes or sketches to plan your video).


  • List the types of resources you will need to create this video.


    1. Will you make your own video? Add your own pictures? Are you using a phone or tablet to make recordings?
    2. Do you need to find video clips online?
    3. Do you need music for the background
    4. Do you have Ideas for captions or text to layer into the video?
    5. Do you want to create voice recordings of yourself (or someone)

Check out  Miss Jen’s tutorial on how I planned for my WeVideo project if needed.


  1. Make a folder to store the pieces of your video on your computer. You want to stay organized
  2. Gather all of the pieces you need to create your video (images, music files, videos you made or found)
  3. Upload your materials to the media section of WeVideo. There are some great tutorials right on WeVideo to help you with this.

Helpful Resources


As you create your videos publish links on your website.


Feel free to think about what we have worked on this week and write a blog post about what went well and what we can do to help you more with this project.

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