Good morning, campers! Today we are going to begin our week of Podcasting! Throughout the week, we are going to learn all about Podcasting, with even having some practice!

For today, this is our plan:

We are going to start the morning by sharing the videos you friends made last week! We all know how excited and focused you were on your video projects, so we want to take some time for you all to share!

We are going to start our lesson this morning with an Ice-Breaker! “How would you change the world? What good trouble will you start?”

Take some time to share your answers, whether with a written response or an image.

What’s the Shape of a Podcast

Once we have spent some time sharing our answers, we are going to listen to a few podcasts. The podcasts are not going to be long, but you are going to listen to them to be familiar with their different parts.

After a few minutes of listening to the podcasts, we are going to discuss the different parts that you hear. What is included in a podcast? What does the creator make sure to have? What do they all have in common?

Make a Podcast

You all are going to create your own podcast! Using the WeVideo website and your already made account, you are going to create your own podcast!

  • Once we have discussed the different parts of a podcast, we are going to go into our Breakout Rooms!
  • In our breakout rooms, you are going to take some time to plan out your podcast. In the planning process, you are going to take the idea/answer that you shared in the Google Doc and elaborate on it. Take some time to answer your question and give some reasoning.
  • Your podcast can be fiction or nonfiction. It is your podcast! You can write it from any point of view.
  • For example, you can write it from the point of view as a SuperHero.
  • Use the time in your breakout room to bounce ideas off one another and to get some advice from your mentors.


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