Crafting code and creating our stories.

What we do, and we can do it across so many modalities and using so many tech tools Campers we had fun playing and learning web design but now we move on to videography. You need to tell us your story in six words.


  • Engaging in inquiry-based processes for personal growth as you create a movie (ASLA 5.A.3)
  • Seek a variety of digital assets and sources as you adopt a dynamic collection to organize assets for your video (ALSA IV B.4)
  • Persist through self-directed pursuits by tinkering and making by designing a title screen, video in video, and three transitions (ASLA V B.2)


Read these six word memoirs

  • It took longer than I thought
  • Live a little, love a lot
  • Too much vanilla, not enough chocolate

Which memoir spoke to you the most?

What do you think the author meant?

“Hong Kong Protests 2019” by Jonathan van Smit is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND

Write a six word memoir about the person in this picture.

Make your Own Memoir

We will do attend quick write. Create a list of words and phrases that describe you, your current life. You will have ten minutes to complete this. Do not stop writing until time is called. Paper is your friend.

Go find images, videos, and songs to represent these words,.

Build your memoir in WeVideo

WeVideo Tutorials

Getting Started

How to Edit Video

How To Add Captions

Featured Image:“L’Angelus d’Homo Algorithmus entre la rationalité de son architectonique phénoménale paréidoliaque et l’affectivité de son atavisme libidinal crépusculé . .” by “Fragments pictosophiques” is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND

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