Video in Video & Video Cropping Instructions


How to place video in video:

  1. Login to WeVideo
  2. Click on video to open a blank video template
  3. Downloading video:
    1. To download video, use a downloader of your choice
      1. Visit to download a free YouTube downloader
      2. Open Clipgrab
      3. Click on the search tab to find a video to edit
      4. Click “grab this clip” to download to your computer
  4. Once you have found and downloaded a video, click “Import” in WeVideo
  5. Drag imported video onto the  “Video 1” track
  6. Use the blue tab to find portion of video you want to edit
    1. To separate clip from the main video use the scissor icon to snip the video your desired length
    2. To delete unwanted video, click the trash can above the clip that can be found using the box with three lines inside
  7. Move video to the same position on the track
    1. The clip on the Video 1 track will be the main video
    2. Place the clip you want to be in the main clip on the Video 2 track
  8. To adjust the Video 2 to be seen in Video 1, double click on the clip in Video 2
  9. Use the scale sliders to adjust the video
    1. To adjust the position in the video, use the mouse to adjust placement
    2. You can also use the white boxes to adjust the scale
  10. Click save changes to successfully place a video in another video!


How to crop a video:

  1. Double click on the clip you want to crop
  2. Click on the second option in the options tab
  3. To crop:
    1. Use the sliders the crop the video to your liking or
    2. Manually crop video with your mouse in the video preview window
  4. Use the play button to preview what the clip will look like once cropped
  5. Click save changes to successfully crop a video!
  6. Go to the first option in the options tab to adjust video placement
  7. Click the play button to preview video to make adjustments as needed