At #Tech4teens this week we focused on where our stories come from. First we interrogated our heoroes and then our history to consider how who we choose as heroes influences and reflects history.

For a technology goal we wanted to explore where were from on our websites. So first had a quick lesson on access control and discussed and defined the differences between read/write access and how I had more privileged access. I demonstrated how I add server access, they had admin access on their website and editor access on the team site.

Then we dove into today’s topic

First we began camp asking, “Who knows about Ida B Wells,” only one student knew this American hero.

We then spent time learning about Ida B Wells. I modeled how to use our website builder as we summarized her impact on history as one of the first truly anti-racist feminist as part of women’s history.

Learning Vocabulary

Don’t tell the students but we moved to vocabulary and studied a few idioms from newspapers like, “above the fold” have translated into web design. We read Ida B Wells Wikipedia page and tried to name three “buckets” to put her accomplishments in. We explained how we should think about what part of our story should we tell above the fold.

Shape of a Story

Then we moved into¬† “Shape of My Story” a Kurt¬† Vonnegut Piece.

He discussed heroes and Cinderella.We discussed the Western archetype from Heracles to Harry Potter, a magical orphan who saves the world, and then the female archetype, (a step daughter who improves station through marriage) .

We compared famous female literary characters to Ida B Wells and wondered why isn’t there a Blockbuster yet?

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